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Substance misuse and addiction

Dawn Griesbach has been doing research in the field of addiction since 1999, including a period of two years when she worked as a senior researcher in the (then) Scottish Executive Effective Interventions Unit.  She continues to stay up-to-date with policy and government initiatives related to tobacco, alcohol and drug use.  Some of her recent projects in this area have included:

Managing the needs of drunk and incapable people in Scotland
(Client: Scottish Government)
This work involved estimating the scale of the problem in Scotland, gathering information about existing services and facilities (in Scotland and internationally) for drunk and incapable people, and identifying good practice in providing for the needs of this population.  This study was undertaken with associates Patricia Russell and Clare Lardner.
[ Report | Summary ]

Services for tobacco, alcohol and drug users in West Lothian. A needs assessment.
(Client: West Lothian Drug Action Team)
The aim of this work was to identify the characteristics of populations in West Lothian who have smoking, drinking and drug misuse problems, and to consider the level of unmet need for services among those populations. This project was part of a larger programme of work (including a literature review) being undertaken to inform service development in West Lothian in 2007 and beyond.
[ Full report | Summary ]

Other projects in this area:

  • Drug driving: proposed regulations — an analysis of consultation responses — for the Scottish Government
  • Evaluation of a programme of training in Alcohol Brief Interventions — for West Lothian Council
  • Independent review of Alcohol Focus Scotland (with Audrey Mistry) — for the Scottish Government
  • The development of national needle exchange guidelines for Scotland — for the Scottish Government and the Scottish Association of Alcohol and Drug Action Teams (SAADAT)
  • Scoping study on children affected by parental substance use (with Clare Lardner) — for Fife Drug and Alcohol Action Team and Fife Child Protection Committee
  • The development of a multi-agency protocol on children affected by parental substance use (with Patricia Russell) — for Fife Drug and Alcohol Action Team and Fife Child Protection Committee
  • Evaluation of the Dundee Outreach project for children affected by parental substance use (with Marjut Kosonen and Rona Dolev) — for the Aberlour Child Care Trust, Dundee City Drug & Alcohol Action Team, Scottish Government & Lloyds TSB Foundation Partnership Drugs Initiative
  • Psychological services for drug and alcohol users and survivors of childhood sexual abuse in West Lothian (with Clare Lardner) — for West Lothian Council
  • Identification of gaps in alcohol service provision in Lochaber — for the Highland Drug and Alcohol Action Team and the Lochaber Drug and Alcohol Forum
  • National needle exchange survey in Scotland — for the (then) Scottish Executive and the National Treatment Agency in England
  • Review of the literature on the effectiveness of residential detoxification and rehabilitation for drug users — for the (then) Scottish Executive Effective Interventions Unit
  • Why drug users present to and then drop out of drug treatment services — for NHS National Services Scotland Information Services Division
  • Investigating the associations between adolescent smoking and family structure — for the European Commission
  • An examination of the associations between school smoking policies and perceptions of smoking in Scottish schools — for the European Commission.
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