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Equalities and Poverty

Tackling poverty and inequality of opportunity is the key to creating a better and fairer society. One of the most significant factors associated with deprivation is unemployment. People living in deprived communities also tend to have poorer health, poorer mental health and lower life expectancy.

At the same time, inequalities are not simply due to differences in income. When people are denied opportunities because of their race, ethnicity, disability, gender, sexual orientation, age or religion, it affects the economic and social wellbeing of all of us.

For over a decade, Griesbach & Associates have been undertaking research to reduce inequality and the impact of inequality in Scotland. For example:

Devolution of Community Care Grants and Crisis Loans: Analysis of consultation responses
(Client: Scottish Government)
In 2011, the Scottish Government undertook a consultation about possible arrangements for administering the Social Fund in Scotland following its transfer from the UK Department of Work and Pensions in 2013. Dawn Griesbach worked together with associates Cathy Sharp and Anne Birch (under the auspices of Research for Real) to carry out an analysis of the consultation responses.
[ Report | Summary ]

Analysis of qualitative data to determine public and health professional knowledge and attitudes on folic acid and Vitamin B supplementation
(Client: NHS Health Scotland)
This work involved analysis of qualitative data to explore, among other things, the information needs of pregnant women and mothers of young children about vitamin D / folic acid supplements. A specific focus of the project was on women and mothers who, because of their low incomes, were eligible to receive free vitamin supplements (but who were not necessarily aware of their eligibility). As part of this project, Dawn carried out a focus group among South Asian women (a group at high risk of vitamin D deficiency) to explore their views and experiences of vitamin supplementation.
[ Report ]

Other projects in this area:

  • Learning review of Equally Connected (with Jacki Gordon) — for NHS Health Scotland
  • Facilitation of an event to explore future housing options for young people with learning disabilities (with F Loots, J Walsh, H Techeiro, C Miller and T Ramsay) — for the Perthshire-based community group, Building Bridges
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